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This fellow was famous for achieving long distance records on 144, 222, and 432 Mhz.

1961:  That's a Collins 75A-3 receiver behind the mic and all that homebrew stuff in the rack is his VHF and UHF gear.  He and KH6UK established many of the first VHF and UHF QSOs from California to Hawaii.

1957:  John and his wife, who was also a ham, with a KWS-1, Gonset Communicator (in the middle), and a 75A-3 (on the desk barely visible between John and his wife).  All that cool gear in the rack appears to be homebrew.


The Hawaiian end of the VHF and UHF records mentioned above.  He and W6NLZ worked together for many "firsts" over a number of years.

1961:  By this time Ralph had upgraded his receiver to a Racal RA6117.  The unit on the right is the same 32V-3 Collins transmitter that he had in 1957.  This an AM and CW transmitter.

1957:  On the left on the desk behind Ralph is a Heathkit DX100 transmitter, in the center is an SX88 receiver, and on the right is a Collins 32V-3 transmitter.  The relay rack on the left holds a homebrew KW amp using two 4-125s.



This sporty gentleman liked shorts and used a Collins 75A-4 and a Central Electronics 100V transmitter.  Notice the digital clock on the transmitter, big speaker, boom mic.


A nice novice station here.  That's an HQ110 on the left, a crystal controlled Heathkit DX40 transmitter in the center, and on the right a Heath Apache.  Joe had just gotten his general class ticket and was beginning to use the Apache - a nice step up.

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